Stupid Simple Bike "Stand"




This is a stupid simple bike "stand" that I've used in my garage now that no one has bikes with kickstands anymore. I have the big hang-from-the-ceiling hooks but that isn't very convenient sometimes (especially for a seven year old).   Great for airing up the tires, etc.

This one is for my daughter's bike and I have one higher up on the shelf supports for my bike.  I have my air compressor and a few bike tweak things stored close at hand.  It works screwed into a horizontal or vertical surface as long as the strap is snug.  This would probably work on a sturdy bookshelf if you were an apartment dweller that just needed to balance your bike more securely.

I got my double sided Velcro from an electronics / networking supply.  It is very handy for hiding your computer wires under your desk, too.

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