Stupidly Simple Way to Store Screw Driver Bits




Most folks do something similar to store their driver bits (a piece of wood with an array of holes in it to hold the bits) so nothing novel here. I am just showing an implementation for my tool drawer chest.

Here were the steps

  1. Used a scrap piece of 3/4th inch plywood that had seen better days (MDF or pine would have been a better choice).
  2. I cut the scrap sheet to 12 inches x 10 inches so that it would wedge in the drawer in my tool chest (of drawers).
  3. I marked out a grid with lines 2 cm apart (or an inch if you have thick fingers).
  4. I then drilled a lot of holes (about 384) at the intersection of the grid lines. Holes were 1/2 inch deep. The wood splintered a bit in the last row (first image) due to an exhausted drill press operator and not great quality plywood.
  5. I started filling these with all the bits that I could find.
  6. The drill bit tray also served as a divider in my drawer keeping the left and the right in peaceful co-existence.
  7. Was truly surprised at the number of screw driver bits I had as I started pooling all the bits from different boxes, drawers and shelves. Security bits, square drive bits, hex bits, hex bits with central holes in them, Philipps, flat edge, 3-spoked, all live together for immediate access.
  8. I did brush a mixture of coconut oil and mineral oil into the wood to keep the bits from rusting and so that they can slide out more easily. This would also allow me to submit this instructable to the "Coconut" competition (8^}.



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    2 years ago

    Stupidly simple suits me, I have now designated this as project # 837 for my workshop, thanks.

    p.s. I just started project #11 today. ☺

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I like your ambition. Only problem, somehow the stupidly simple projects end up getting done before the stupidly complex. Am guessing #13 and #17 on your list are quite complex, so ...


    2 years ago

    Looks good. Keeping your tools organized makes things go smoother.