Sturdy Cat Scratching Post

Introduction: Sturdy Cat Scratching Post

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We have five cats, full of energy each one of them.

When they like to scratch something, they do it very intensely.

Commercial scratching posts haven't last long, usually problem is that those begin to wobble after short use.

That's why i decided to make one by myself, sturdy one.

Video shows the process.

Step 1: "Pole's"

For the pole's i used pvc pipe, its a left over rainwater pipe.

I cut 3 pcs 30 cm, and one 10 cm long part from it.

Then i cut pieces from plywood, used drill press and adjustable cutter. Diameter is similar with the internal diameter of the pvc tube.

To the middle of the plywood parts i made a hole with 10mm drill. ( for the M10 threaded rod )

Then i wrapped rope around the tubes, secured it with "eatable" glue.

Step 2: Wood..

For the base i made some wooden panels from pallet wood.

Used my diy table saw for rip cutting and grooving boards.

Then i finished them with trim router table.

Step 3: Base

Frame for the base is made from 20 x 20 x 3mm angle iron.

Weld together, sanded smooth and then painted.

To connect wooden parts to the frame, i drilled holes around it, and used screws for attaching.

Step 4: "floor"

Floor is made from 8mm plywood, plated it with felt.

Felt is secured with glue and rivets.

Step 5: The Idea..

Idea can be seen from these pictures.

Threaded rod goes through plywood circle's, wich are inside the pvc-tube.

Climping levels are placed between pvc-tubes, and finally all parts are tightened together with screws.

Result is very strong, and its easy to change climping levels to point different direction if necessary.

Step 6: Finished...

Cats seem to like it. :)

And i think it lasts very long. Sturdy but light weighted.

Thanks for checking this out.

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    3 years ago

    That looks great and super sturdy!! Awesome design :)