StyleMeGirl: Jana, Level 17

About: In case you were wondering, Griffy is my sweet, adorable wire-haired dachshund!

You may know that on the game Style Me Girl, you breeze through the levels... Until you come to a screeching halt at Level 17... With the theme 60's pin-up girl. The model, Jana, is picky from undecided blonde or black hairstyles to what to wear. Here's a guide to how I FINALLY passed Level 17 of Style Me Girl.

Step 1: Outfit

I went with a v-neck pastel pink two-piece and garters, with furry boots.

Step 2: Accessories

I chose a handbag, which was required. I also added a lacy fan, cat ears and fake nails.

Step 3: Hair and Make-Up

I chose blonde curly hair that was swept to one side and metallic-blue eyes. She isn't wearing any make-up.



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