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Introduction: Stylish Coffee Capsules Holder

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Make a stylish coffee capsules holder.

Today, looking for a present for my Mum, I saw, in a shop, a coffee capsule holder that would come very handy. But it was way too ugly...
Then I remembered some previous design, and having some acrylic and wood leftovers. So, this minimalist contemporary design was born.

This holder will be specific to one given kind of capsule.

Step 1: Needed Materials

  • Acrylic plate, approx 38 x 6.5 cm, 2 mm thick
  • Hard wood (e.g. beech) bar, approx 85 cm long, 1.5 x 1.5 cm thick
  • 7 x M4 screws
  • 6 x M5 nuts (as spacers)

Step 2: Measure Capsule, and Cut Pieces to Size

  • Measure the capsule diameter under the lid, add two times the wood thickness, add 1/2 mm (so that the capsule will move freely), and you have the acrylic board width.
  • For the length, take the lid diameter, multiply by ten.
  • Think twice. The precision (especially for the width) is important.
  • Use Masking tape to mark the cut. Carefully cut the acrylic board. Sand it. Or use a laser cutter if you are lucky enough!
  • Cut wood to length.
  • Cut the wooden triangle (which will serve as strut).

Step 3: Make Holes

Mark holes positions onto acrylic board. Bore 4 mm ∅ holes.

With masking tape, tighten wood onto acrylic board.

Make 3.5 mm ∅ holes. Do not cross the wood!

Chamfer the holes with a 10 mm ∅ drill. Use caution, do not ruin your work.

Step 4: Make Hole for the Strut

Mark strut hole positions onto acrylic board. Bore 4 mm ∅ hole.

Chamfer the hole with a 10 mm ∅ drill, on the board side that is the opposite to the other chamfers.

Align strut, and mark hole position. In the strut, bore a 3.5 mm ∅ hole.

Step 5: Oil the Wood

This is optional but will give a nicer and more durable look.

Apply linseed oil. Wipe out excess oil.

Let dry. I know it's hard to wait, but linseed oil dries quite quickly.

Step 6:

Remove protective film from the acrylic board.

Gently clean the board with soap and water if needed. Gently dry with a soft tissue.

Step 7: Mount Everything. Done!

Mount everything.

Test with a capsule. If it does not move freely, then:
  • either your wood bars are too close. Try sanding their inner sides.
  • Or the nuts (spacers) are not thick enough. Try adding small washers.

Step 8: Enjoy the Finished Product!

Use it in steeper or flatter position (each side of the strut gives a different leaning angle).

For the next level, make a back-lit version glowing in the dark!



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19 Discussions

Is this for the k-cup brewer cause I can make one for my aunt

Good job,I think I could come up with a couple of other applications for this piece.

Quite nice.

Not sure 'bout the acrylic though. Hard to keep clean.

I'm thinking a dado in each piece of wood. Would require two more cross pieces.and a relief on one side of the dado.

Hmmm, maybe use a 1 inch dowel instead of the square cross section. A natural relief be cause of curve.

That's just my thought.

5 replies

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to inspire different designs! If you make one, post photos.

Before using acrylic I envisaged using my router, but it is not well suited for narrow laths.
The cross section shape is much a question of taste.

Thanks for the kind reply!

Yes, a router would not be a good thing unless one has a router table. A table saw is fine.

I have a cross slide vice for my bench drill press. That makes it relatively easy to perform over head routing. Only problem is that this 6 inch vise gobbles a lot of head room (4 - 5 inches) Better to have floor model in this case.

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

I never thought about using the drill press that way! Thanks a lot. I see lots of new possibilities.

And Happy New Year to you and yours too!!!

If you do get a cross slide it possibly will NOT have the capability to zero the dial.

Attached is a link to my short but sweet Instructable that describes my method to add that feature to a cross slide vise.

Thanks for the kind reply!

Yes, a router would not be a good thing unless one has a router table. A table saw is fine.

I have a cross slide vice for my bench drill press. That makes it relatively easy to perform over head routing.

Happy New Year!!

Good job! Simple in design and adaptable. I can see one attached under the cabinet above a coffee machine. Gets them off the counter, which is great.

1 reply

Vertical orientation was my initial idea. But the release mechanism, and the lack of time, made me opt for the horizontal orientation -- no mechanism!

Thank you I have a nespresso machine and holders for the capsules are impossible to find

1 reply

Nespresso capsules holder on ebay

Thanks a lot they LOOK GREAT.

This is great! I have been wanting something similar but could not come up with a simple enough design.