Stylish Self Watering Pot



Introduction: Stylish Self Watering Pot

If You are out of time and need your plants to survive :)

There have been many self watering pots here and this one works in the same way as many others, but I wanted them to fit my apartment and my other pots.

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need this: plastic bottle, scissors, tape,plastic bag, acrylic spray and a rope for wick. It is a good idea to check if your plant fits the pet bottle before you start. And of course any bottle can be used.

DISCLAIMER– take responsibility for your own well-being during manufacture.

Step 2: Clean and Cut

Remove the label from the bottle and any residues from it. Clean it well.

Decide how high you want the bottle and cut of the top. You can often see a seem from the manufacturing to guide you.

Step 3: Protect

I wanted to see be able to see how much water there is in the bottle so (because I´m a plant nerd) so I taped a vertical line so that the color would not get stuck there. The same applies to the bottom, tape and a plastic bag protects well. Now ruff up the surface a bit for the paint to stick better.

Now it is time to go to your ventilated area.

Step 4: Paint

Time to spray several thin layers. Spray the bottle in a well-ventilated area and use the protection recommended for the paint.

Step 5: Place the Wick

Place the wick in the bottom of the flower pot, if you do not want to replant it completely. I used a piece of capillary mat because I had it at home, but it works just with a piece of rope but I think it's best with cotton and not synthetic since the water travel more easily.

Step 6:

Fill the bottle with water and place your flower pot in it, Now you can go about and do other things and forget about watering the plant for a while and with a glance you´ll see when it is time again. EXTRA - drill a hole quite high in the bottle and you don´t need to remove the plant when watering, simply pour into the hole with your water pitcher

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