Stylish Y6 Coppter

Intro: Stylish Y6 Coppter

If you have ever see a Y6 multicoppter it will probably have had three arms with a motor on each side, well here is a design which has an arm for each motor but still has the same setup as the traditional Y6 feel.

The way that it is currently designed requires the arms to be connected via rivet, but you could probably modify the design and glue the arms together with super glue. The flight controller i designed this frame for is the KK board but you can probably use any controller with 45mm spacing.

I know this design is inefficient because of the extra weight that the arms give the frame.

Technical details (sort of):
6 inch prop
3mm mounting holes (for motor)



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    Good question,
    It's the way that the motors are arranged. there basically the same as tri-copters but instead of having one motor per arm there are two, one above and one bellow. This allows the copter to have a reduced frame weight but have a larger payload then tri-copters.