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This is a simple instructable that will show you how to make a vibrating craft that will slowly move along any hard flat surface. Check out the video above to see it in action. This little robot is easy to make and has super simple circuitry so you don't need any special abilities. I made this hover craft simply to put to use a weighted motor I had found in a broken toy gun. I had a lot of milk cartons laying around so I went to work using my handy dandy hot glue gun and out of the inspiration of the moment put this guy together. I originally hoped I could just have the milk carton lids make direct contact with the floor but this turned out to be really noisy. I then did my best to develop something that would lessen the noise and give the craft direction and I succeed, partially. Please be aware the hover craft is still fairly noisy and I can't be sure I can show you how to give it direction. Just a lot of trial and error I guess but I'll do my best :). Now you ready to get started?

What You Will need:


1. 5 milk cartons. doesn't matter the size just as long as they all have lids and handles.

2. 2 AA batteries

3. Some wire and if you have one an empty battery packet you can put the AA's into it, otherwise you will have to make one.

4. A Weighted motor basically a motor that has an off balance weight that it spins. This causes the thing it's attached to to vibrate.

5. Hot glue sticks

6.(optional) a switch


1. Hot glue gun

2. Scissors

Step 1: the Frame

The frame of this ship is made entirely from milk cartons and mostly their lids and handles but a little bit of the carton is used too. The first thing you need to do is cut four of the handles off the milk cartons. Two should be shorter and the other two should be longer. This makes sure the craft is more streamlined and less circular. Glue a short handle to each long handle and then glue the two long handles together. Next cut a section away from your carton and glue one of the lids to it, concave side out. Attach the two ends of the section you cut out to the two remaining unglued ends of the handles. This makes it look like your craft has a booster. When you've done all that you should have something that looks like the second picture. Now you need to add a bottom. Do this by cutting out two wide sections of your carton and glueing it to the bottom of your existing frame. Next glue the remaining four lids onto the bottom of your ship concave side down. Lastly take one of your cartons and cut out four relatively thin strips. Two should be about an inch longer then the others. I'm not sure the length matters but it gives the ship a slope forward and may be part of giving the craft direction. Glue the ends of each individual strip together so you have four teardrop shaped loops. Take the two bigger loops and glue them inside the two back lids placing them so they're as far away from the front as possible. Now take the two smaller loops and glue them inside the two front lids placing them as far away from the back as possible. The loops should be placed like they are in the fourth picture. You will need to glue on one more section of carton at the end but other than that you're done with the frame!

Step 2: The Circuitry

Now to make the heart of the craft. First If you don't have a AA battery pack that connects two AA's in series they're pretty easy to make. I used some conductive metal plates I had lying around but wires can work too. This battery pack does not let you replace batteries so if your batteries die you'll just have to make a new one, sorry : ( Simply hot glue a wire to the positive end of one battery and a different wire to the negative end of the other battery. Make sure both wires are touching the battery's terminal's otherwise the battery pack won't work. Hot glue the batteries next to each other so the two ends with wires attached to them are next to each other. Then connect the remaining two wireless terminals with one wire. If this doesn't make sense to you there are tons of instructables on how to make a simple battery pack... they can explain it way clearer than me. Anyway hot glue the battery pack to the back of the craft and hot glue the motor on just in front of it as shown in the picture. Connect the negative end of your battery pack to one of the wires coming out of the motor. Leave the other two disconnected. If you have a switch install it here. If you don't just twist the wires together and the hover craft will start vibrating. To stop it, disconnect the wires. Now there's only one more thing to do. Lastly cut out a section of carton and round the edges. Hot glue this piece over your motor and battery pack by attaching it to the top of your booster. The finished product should look like the last picture. There you go you're done! Thank you for reading this instuctable and comment if you like it or make it.



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    Tobias T

    2 years ago

    maybe if you wheight the front instead of the back?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    hey guys thanks for looking at my hover craft. Comment if you make it and if anyone can tell me how to guarantee this thing will move forward instead of sidewise or in a circle that would be awesome! Thanks : )