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When i saw the Belt reuse contest i went for a search for old belts, but unlucky. I found only a few. So my idea of making something big was impossible. So i had to think about something small and this came in my mind. This project required some sewing skills. A sewing machine would of been helpful but i didn't have. The good thing about sewing by hand is that if i sell the purse i will get more money for it because is hand made. 

Step 1: Materials

There were not much stuff that i needed:
2 Black leather belts (1 narrow, 1 wide)
1 Gray raincoat style belt
1 Belt buckle
Sewing materials(thread, scissors)

Step 2: Measuring and Preparing the Materials

The purse had to be small because i coudn't find similar belts so i used only two types. i measured to cut the belts in 23cm (about 9") with the idea of shrinking it a bit more after sewing. I thought that this size is good for a small purse that needs space only for a wallet and a mobile phone (not enough space for all the make up but....).I needed 5 pieces from the black and 5 pieces from the gray gray belt. This way the length of the belts was just enough.

Step 3: Sewing

I used black thread because i thought that  black on gray looks better than gray on black. So i started sewng one piece to the other rotating black and gray pieces and i used two wider pieces for the bottom and the top of the purse as you can see on the pictures below. 

Step 4:

After i sew all the pieces together i had to remove some dislocated parts in the process of sewing by cutting them and making them even

Step 5: Finishing the Design

Step 6: Instaling the Locking System

For securing the purse i used belt buckle an a part of the gray belt that was left

Step 7: It's Ready

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Betabrand Belt Reuse Challenge

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