Stylus Grip for Nokia 5230 Touchscreen Mobile Phone.

This is a really simple 'hack' that helped me out last year when I bought my first touch screen mobile phone. I'd gone over to touch screen as I have problems with my hands (due to a neurological condition) and could no longer longer manage the small buttons on other phones easily. I quickly realised that a stylus would be helpful, but didn't find any of the ones on the market suited my needs.

Then I thought about the Nintendo DS that my niece had recently passed on to me... The stylus for this reminded me of a pencil. As an Occupational Therapist (OT) I'd often recommended pen and pencil grips to people with writing difficulties. Why not a pencil grip on the stylus?

I had to pop a bit of sellotape around the mid section of the stylus so that the pencil grip held better, For me this little idea was perfect. Hope it's useful to someone else.

Pencil grips like the one shown can be found in many shops and also on websites such as Amazon UK: 

Of course the stylus and grip would also work on the Nintendo DS...



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