Styrofoam Fishing Boat/Barge for RC Trolling




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Intro: Styrofoam Fishing Boat/Barge for RC Trolling

RC Boat fishing is nothing new. Most people tend to attach the line directly to the rear of the RC boat. The problem with that is that a big fish might tip the boat enough so it'll take in water. The solution is to add extra flotation in the form of a styrofoam barge/fishing boat to tow after the rc boat.

You need:

* Styrofoam block
* RC boat
* Fishing gear
* Lexane paint
* Household tools

Project execution:

* Paint - my son
* Shaping and assembly - my daughters boyfriend
* Idea and general consulting - me

Step 1: Shape Styrofoam

Take a styrofoam block. Use a saw for the rough shape. Then use a sharp knife to shape finer details. The knife also leaves a better texture for painting.

Step 2: Paint

Paint (optional) using lexane hobby paint or special styrofoam paint. Don't use regular spray cans. They will melt your creation. Yes, we found out the hard way.

Step 3: Add Weight

Add some low weight for stability. We used a threaded steel rod which also doubles as the fishing line attachement. Use a glue gun if needed.

Step 4: Final Details

Glue styrofoam parts together with a glue gun. Add a line between the RC boat and the barge. Add line and tackle to the end of the barge.

Step 5: Gone Fishing

Bait up and go fishing!

I know what you are thinking - so did we catch any fish? Nope.Not on the first try. We'll keep trying though and I will try to remember to add a note when (if) we hook the first one!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    If you ask something in a comment, please check back here for a response. For some reason it doesn't work for me to respond to posts.

    Big Baneser

    4 years ago

    The rc fishing concept seems quite interesting.