Styrofoam Fishing Boat/Barge for RC Trolling




Introduction: Styrofoam Fishing Boat/Barge for RC Trolling

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RC Boat fishing is nothing new. Most people tend to attach the line directly to the rear of the RC boat. The problem with that is that a big fish might tip the boat enough so it'll take in water. The solution is to add extra flotation in the form of a styrofoam barge/fishing boat to tow after the rc boat.

You need:

* Styrofoam block
* RC boat
* Fishing gear
* Lexane paint
* Household tools

Project execution:

* Paint - my son
* Shaping and assembly - my daughters boyfriend
* Idea and general consulting - me

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Step 1: Shape Styrofoam

Take a styrofoam block. Use a saw for the rough shape. Then use a sharp knife to shape finer details. The knife also leaves a better texture for painting.

Step 2: Paint

Paint (optional) using lexane hobby paint or special styrofoam paint. Don't use regular spray cans. They will melt your creation. Yes, we found out the hard way.

Step 3: Add Weight

Add some low weight for stability. We used a threaded steel rod which also doubles as the fishing line attachement. Use a glue gun if needed.

Step 4: Final Details

Glue styrofoam parts together with a glue gun. Add a line between the RC boat and the barge. Add line and tackle to the end of the barge.

Step 5: Gone Fishing

Bait up and go fishing!

I know what you are thinking - so did we catch any fish? Nope.Not on the first try. We'll keep trying though and I will try to remember to add a note when (if) we hook the first one!

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    The rc fishing concept seems quite interesting.