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Introduction: Styrofoam Easter Egg Ladybugs

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After Easter is over we always have a ton of plastic and Styrofoam eggs lying around. While the plastic ones can be stored and used next year, the Styrofoam ones seem to get smashed and dented in storage. So why not make something out of them? This is a simple way to add a little something to any number of projects from hair bows to earrings to wreaths or centerpieces.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

For this one all you will need are some pliers, paint and brush, wire, and of course some Styrofoam Easter eggs. I got the pink ones, but you could go with red if you want, and if you can find the sparkly ones I think those look best but it's up to you.

Step 2: Paint It

If you like the shade of red/pink that you've got, then all you need is black paint, if not then you will need paint in the shade you want and you will need to start by painting the egg(s) that color first. Otherwise go straight to painting the ladybugs head by painting the more pointed end black, going about 1/4 down from the top (see the first picture).
Next, paint a line that goes from the "head" to the bottom of the egg (see the second picture).
Next paint dots on the back; this is usually easiest to do by dipping the end of the paint brush in the paint and dabbing it on rather than using the actual brush (see the third picture).
If you'd like you can add eyes, using the same method as the dots; I think it is cute either way.
This is acrylic paint which dries pretty fast, but it's still a good idea to wait a minute or two between each step. Also, holding it with pliers helps keep it steady without getting paint all over your hands.

Step 3: Add Antennas

Using the pliers, cut two pieces of wire about 1 inch long and curl the ends. Then simply press them into the ladybugs head just behind the eyes. At this point you can either insert a wire in the top and curl it into a loop to attach to earrings, or insert a wire in the bottom to make a stand as pictured or to attach them to things such as flowers for hair bows or wreaths, or whatever really.
And that's it! It's a simple project but it has many possibilities, and if ladybugs aren't your thing you could always try bumblebees using yellow eggs instead!

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