Styrofoam Plate Speaker

Introduction: Styrofoam Plate Speaker

This instructable will teach you how to make a speaker out of a styrofoam plate!!! This speaker can play an audible sound.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials you will need for this project: 
Piece of paper
Tape (any type)
30-32 gauge wire
Neodymium magnets (at least 6)
Hot Glue Gun
2 Alligator clips
Styrofoam Plate
Piece of cardboard that is bigger than the styrofoam plate
Headphone wire with plug to connect to playing device

Step 2: Cut Paper

Use scissors to cut piece of paper to a height that is higher than the magnets.

Step 3: Wrap Magnet With Paper

After cutting paper, roll it around magnet and secure it with piece of tape.

Step 4: Glue Paper to Center of Plate

On the back of the plate, glue the piece of paper to the center using hot glue gun.

Step 5: Begin Wrapping Wire Around Paper

Using 30-32 gauge wire, wrap it around the piece of paper glued to the plate. Continue wrapping it until the majority of the piece of rolled paper is covered in wire. Once wrapped, cut the wire and secure it with piece of tape.

It helps to start wrapping the wire from the bottom and go up.

Step 6: Sand Ends of Wire

Considering the wire is painted, you need to sand the end of the wire down until the ends are copper. With the paint on the charge will not connect.

(You might have to repeat this step for the headphone wire)

Step 7: Connect Alligator Clips to Wire

Connect an alligator clip to both ends of wire and attach the other end of the alligator clips to the plug-in wire ends. 

Step 8: Place Magnet on Cardboard

Place the magnet in the middle of the piece of cardboard. Feel free to glue it down to the cardboard.

Step 9: Connect Plate to Magnet

Put the magnet inside of the wired piece of paper so everything is attached.

Step 10: Secure Plate to Cardboard

Tape the paper plate to the cardboard so it is more balanced.

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