Styrofoam Shrunken Head

I carved this guy out of a small chunk of styrofoam.  I used a serrated kitchen knife and rasps to get my initial shape.  The details were created with home made files ( sand paper glued onto popscicle sticks, etc)  and dremel tools.  The final product was coated with several coats of elastomeric to help protect the foam.  I painted it with a solid coat of burnt umber and then faux painted it with a few different lighter colored glazes applied with a scrunched up paper towel. The hair and eye lashes were purchased from a beauty supply and adheared with hot glue ( a cold blow dryer stops the foam from melting) for the hair and super glue for the eyelashes.  The jute tied at the mouth was carefully laced through pre-drilled holes.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    nice job, i just wonder if there is a subtitute for real hair