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About: I'm a normal teen that does most of his time hanging out with friends and going to shooting ranges but on my birthday I got a whole box of kenx and ever since that day I have been snaping pieces togather an...

Hello Guys, i'm back with yet another K'nex gun and this one is phenomal. This one is a four-shot burst. It is a size of a Mp5k and has the range of a assault rifle with a spread of a shotgun. One of the best things about this is that it has a handy unjamming rod in the top barrel. Now lets see the pros and cons about it.
Hi Cap Mag
4 shot Burst                 (1st shot goes 40 ft 2nd+3rd goes 25 ft and 4th goes 10 feet or more)
Unjaming rod
Smaller then most Shotguns
Nice ram rod
A fairy good reload time
Can be loaded in the barrel or in the Mag
Iron Sights
Push Trigger guard down to be fired

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    An Villain

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea of a manual extractor, thought the handle and trigger could use a bit of work.

    If You guys can plese dont put on my things i did bad on the gun but I put it in the cons ok Thanks Rapt3r