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SubZero face paint!

Step 1: Black

Getting some black face paint from Mehron I outlined the mask shape and filled in the bottom section.

Step 2: Light Blue

Taking a light blue body paint from Snazaroo I filled in the mask.

Step 3: Shadows and Highlight

Using a dark blue shadow from BH I added shadows to mainly one side of the mask and down the sides

Then grabbing a light blue I added highlights to the mask.

It's best to look at a reference photo.

Step 4: Details

Getting a black body paint I added the vent like thing to both sides of the mask, then I added detailed lines around the mask. I also took white body paint to bring out some more highlights.

Step 5: More Details

using white I made a shine on the center of the black then I added black lines threw that.

Step 6: Blue Line

I then added a blue line down my face and outlined it in black.

Step 7: Last Step

I used a contour kit from nyx and took the darkest color to shadow in my darkest wrinkles, then I highlighted them with the lightest color.

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