Subaru Forester 2013 Central Console USB Charger

Double USB Charger on central console.

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Step 1:


cable shoes male 2 pieces

cable shoes female 2 pieces

around 0.5 meter cable (with 2 wires)

12V to 5V USB Charger:

Step 2:

disassemble USB charger and remove original cable shoes and weld cable directly to PCB. That's needed because there is not enough room for cable shoes.

Cable must have male cable shoes and after them short cable with female shoes - which will be connected to lighter and other side directly welder to PCB


/ (Short cable) \ (Long cable)



USB Charger

Step 3:

disassemble central console and cut hole for USB Charger. I used dremel.

This is the only place that have enough room for USB Charger behind.

Step 4:

Disconnect the lighter and connect the cable to the lighter and installation in car.

Step 5: Assembly Everything After You Test It.

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