Subject Delta Cosplay-Build!

Introduction: Subject Delta Cosplay-Build!


You know surely the game " Bioshock " and " Bioschock 2 "

In the gameplay of Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Subject Delta to you play as the father of one of the Little Sisters . As a Big Daddy you have to try so because all Little Sister to protect or zubeuten from .

Since the figure of Subject Delta class and also looks relatively more difficult than the normal Big Daddy " Mister Bubbles" I have set myself the task the subject Delta to be building as Cosplay Costume for 5/17/2014 . There is all round the Great Japan -Day and Dusseldorf and it brings together over 60,000 other cosplayers .

Now I want to share with you my job and show how I so instead .

Since I as a trainee as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology and the Work in GFRP and CFRP area I have certain advantages large and heavy parts easy and simple to manufacture than glass fiber composites.

( Images) : First, I 've all images and 3D drawings searched from the internet. There was quite easy to find and even Richly detailed images .

When I had collected everything I do but then noticed that my costume very many small items contained , and also different types of material need , such as leather and canvas.

(Image): problems could mainly come on ( figure D) arm region and the (Picture E) drill.

First, Have I then sat down after a month of planning about how much it will cost and how long do I have time .

Since I get everything in the company . Speaks wood, metal , fiberglass, CFRP , welding equipment and work tools , the costs have respect to 120 € and have a time of around 5 months.

Additional Services and had things I still need to buy :

2x 100mm LED Strip 12v DC yellow - orang .
1x 250mm/500mm pressurized cylinder - (Will edit )
1x 100mm/400mm pressurized cylinder - (Will edit )
2x Metalfelxschlauch 25/30mm diameter 1m/länge
1x 6x1 , 40m Dark Blue Canvas Fabric (difficult ) - ( Will edit )
1x 4x , 140m antique leather - (Will edit )
cable location
1x 12v DC battery 150x130x130mm
1x 12v fuse
1x A pair of dark leather boots size 50 - ( Processing )
2x 50x300mm acrylic hollow cylinder
1x 2m hemp rope 20mmDurchmesser
2x Bulbs 12v Warm light
1x HD Camera
1x Copper / bronze paint 500ml
1x Oxie / Copper Paint 500ml
1x brass paint 500ml

General service charges 130 €

I get the materials in the Company:

Fiberglass mat 100/150/200/450g/m ²
Epoxy resin + hardener 3% to 100 %
stainless steel
sheet steel
wing nuts
blind screws

( Details will be updated with time)

First, I started from a Styrofoam block the outline of the helmet 's ( photos to follow )

Systematically piece by piece over liquid styrofoam was cut off and slowly it got a shape.
The surface was made with 400 sandpaper flat and rounded and put on size and or surface quality .
Unfortunately I made from Styrofoam helmet no pictures but the preparation for the transition laminate is easy to see how he looks in the raw state .

Since Styrofoam extreme reacts with the hardener for the epoxy resin and dissolves it , had a K6- Send out reason be applied sodas , it retains its shape when the resin is applied to the mat , Together . (See Figures 1, 2 , 3)

After curing of 2 /2 hours may be applied to the coating then the K6 laminate surface.
The first two views of 250g / m² applied in piecemeal will provide so as to avoid or thicker edges in the matte . is all occupied , the mat is wetted with normal epoxy resin + hardener mixture and everything well distributed . Unfortunately I could not take pictures during the laminating because I had to do this alone but the resin is corrosive and animal glues .
That's why I add a picture later as laminating worked ansich .

After the first two were , I then again 2 layers coated 450g / m² and all is well distributed and with a ventilation roll all air bubbles removed that are not good for pretty much the struktru of the helmet . After also another 2 /2 hours I was able to cure me from the deal slightly smaller parts also lamination. (See photo 4,5,6)

Next, after everything has been laminated and ever was before ground , it went on to the helmet. Pretty much my biggest problem so far as the question also as I was 6kg heavy tanks got ran , but more on that later .
The helmet was sanded first with 240 reason to pave larger bumps and indeed the reason for the spray to apply filler for the slightly smaller holes and well sealed. (See Figure 7- A / B)
After that was done I have already started the viewing window cut out . (See picture 7-A / B)

After everything was done I have the surface again completely sanded by hand and machine with 340 grinding wheel and made ​​sure I did not completely wegschleife some minor bumps so as to get the sparkle of metal models and the scratches had . Thereafter, again roughly 2 pack filler Supersoft painted over and again sanded with 240 and then on again completely übergesprüht with spray putty . (See picture 8.9 )

Next came the slightly different details, such as approaching the agents and the margin for the wing bolts .
For the center seam I have two long stripe of wax plates cut and parallel in the middle but licked with a distance of 3 mm between the stripes . After that, the two component filler was neatly in between filled with pressure and so 2-3 times in a row so that the spatula also at the helm binds very well and no air bubbles are dadrunter . In the end it looks like this ( See Figure 10)

After all is well cured after such a good hour , I have set off to make the viewing window . Before I made a laminated sheet with a thickness of 11mm . After drawing the helmet I have then made ​​by eye . With a diamond flex and a die grinder. (See Figure 11, 12)
(Information passing: Pretty much everything has been made by eye Except I had to parallel manufacture of parts because one was made by eye and then measured and copied. . . )

Since everything is already good as done from the ground and I have to cut the front view of the porthole fits well now I have to cut acrylic plate was glued by a starch-11mm was the disc carefully and properly aligned for the first time Fixed with 2 component glue plexus.

Had to of course be tested immediately afterwards;) (Picture 14)

Then I set off the two parallel section line that his curves from bottom to top then pulls
optically to grind then then to drill the 23 holes for the rivet points 23 which run to the line. (Image 13,14,15)

No sooner said. Done.

Once this is done now, I have then first one months zerkrüppelt head like I will make the tank behind it. Be much too heavy and had to think of something but in the time I started to talk to my drill to catch to laminating with The 3 layers glass mat 450g / m² and normal epoxy resin. (Fig. 16, 17)

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