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Introduction: Sublimation Paper Printing on T Shirt

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Hello , Friends in this instructables i show you how to print your photo on T-Shirt at home. You can print any photos in your T-shirt. We can make same t shirt for group , party , or any type of function. This printing process is very easy process, we do not need more skill person to print photo on t shirt. In this printing we need a sublimation paper. It can easily available from amazon or your nearest stationary shop.

See above video to understand easily. In that video all the step shown one by one. This video is posted in our youtube channel creativity buzz. We having a community of more than 207,000 subscriber. It’s because of your love.

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Tools to be used:-

  1. Computer
  2. Printer
  3. Electric Iron ( Press Machine )

Material to be used:-

  1. White “T” Shirt
  2. Cardboard Sheet
  3. Glue Tap


Take a picture with the help of your digital camera or you can download any picture from Google whatever you want print in your T- shirt. Keep in your mind that image must be flip before printing.


Print your image in sublimation paper with the help of printer. Sublimation paper is same as the heat transfer paper.


First Press your T shirt with the help of electric press machine. So wrinkle and moisture in t shirt is remove and we print photo straight. Now put cardboard sheet between t shirt to make t shirt in tight position.


  • First Preheat press to 375° – 400° F temperature
  • Place your Printed image down on the t shirt
  • Stick this paper with t shirt by tape, so it can not move during process
  • Press the sublimation paper for 2 – 3 Minute

As the electric press machine is heat the sublimation paper at that time ink and garment is react with each other. When heated to high temperature ink convert into gas and pores of t shirt is open up allowing the gas to enter. As we remove heat pores of t shirt close up trapping the ink inside of the item. So we get our final image on t shirt.

This Sublimation printing is smooth to touch. You not feel any image outline.


  • Wash in cold water
  • Dry it on cold temperature
  • Use detergent powder
  • Do not use brush

Step 6: Other Printing Images

Enjoy your T shirt by wearing it … If you like our instructble than share with your friends.



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    7 Discussions

    I am using sublimation ink, paper and heat press but the image STILL will not transfer onto the shirt..... what am I doing wrong??

    1 more answer

    This whole set of instructions is so wrong. You can only sublimate onto 100% polyester.

    This peaked my interest and also had me really confused so I looked into this. Sublimation still uses sublimation inks with sublimation papers. There is a difference between sublimation printing and heat transfer printing. Sublimation ink can only be printed to a 100 percent polyester garnment so it isn't possible to sublimation print to a standard t-shirt. This technique you are describing using a standard printer and standard ink is called heat transfer...not sublimation. Here is a great article describing the differences of the two methods:

    Did you use sublimation ink? I tried some sublimation printing in the past quite a number of years back and back then, I had to purchase a special printer and use the sublimation inks which were extreamly costly and also had a short shelf life. Has something changed with this technique now that enables the printing with standard printers and standard ink?


    5 months ago

    What printer are you using, pls? Inkjet or laser?

    Contest votes secure kar liye bhai ne modi ji ki tasveer dikha k