Subtle School Makeup

Introduction: Subtle School Makeup

In this instructable, I'll teach you how to create a subtle makeup look, perfect for school, especially in year 8

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Step 1:

First, you need to get a smooth and even skin tone .
For this, you need foundation, powder is best at this stage.
I recommend the Miss Sporty So Matte Smooth Pressed Powder.

If you go to your local pharmacist, or beauty store, like boots or superdrug, they'll have a wide range of powders. You need to choose one that will match your skin tone.

When you have your perfect powder, you need to learn to apply it. Most of them come with a makeup sponge, however, this can be tricky for beginners, as it can sometimes produce orange lines on your face. I recommend a large powder brush.
Dust a small amount on your brush, and dab it onto your forehead. Do the same to the sides of your forehead, going down to your cheeks.

Repeat this step on your cheeks, chin and nose, and smooth it all out with the brush.

Step 2:

Now, you have a nice and even Skin tone.
But, there still might be some red areas, spots or breakouts, that will look unattractive.
Don't worry, you can cover these up with a consealer stick.

Step 3:

Now, for your eyes.
Since this is a subtle look for school, don't wear eye shadow, because you'll just get yelled at at school, and it might smudge!

It's also a bad idea to wear eyeliner, so just keep it simple and subtle, and look great!
Just wear mascara!!!!:)

You could use black mascara, or clear.
If you have very dark eyelashes, than you can get away with black, but if you have light eyelashes, blonde or red, you could use clear if you're going for a subtle look.
Clear mascara is easily available, but I like the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara, it's great!

Step 4:

Now you have a perfect look, and you can go to school just like that.........or you could finish the look off with a bit of lip colour!

Don't make it too bright, or dark, coz it'll wear off and look weird during the day.
Go for a plainer look, a colour that matches your skin tone.
For pale skin, light and rosy pinks look great!
For tanned or darker skin, use peaches and sparkly clear, and for dark skin, use bright pastels of almost any colour!
I love baby lips, they care for your lips whilst looking great!
Baby Lips by Maybeline comes in a wide range of colours. Peach Kiss is good for school!

Step 5:

And you're done!
I hope this guide helped you and now you can go and have great school makeup that makes you look good!

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