Subwoofer 2.1 Box

Introduction: Subwoofer 2.1 Box

Audi sub and amp on a nice wood box with inside power

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Step 1: Cuting the Wood

I used Swedish wooden planks with curve on one side

I have a some planks remaining from my wood ceiling

they were 90 cm long

cut 12 pcs 25cm with a 45 degree angle in both ends

u also will need another planks later

Step 2: Subwoofer and Amp

I use a Audi sub + amp subwoofer is 2x2ohm and amp is 12v 4x20 watt or 15 watt

u can use what others as well

Step 3: Prepare the Box

I use wood glue and nail air gun to make it easy and fast but u can use normal nail as well glue

Step 4: Prepare the Power and Amp

get a pc psu and remove all the wires

glue a fan in the psu and one in the amp use hot glue

Step 5: Connecters Pannel

I used the switch from psu and the 220v connecter use hot glue to secure things

****the switch wires go to the ps-on and gnd not at the main 220v line this because these psu

some times need to restart if something goes wrong ****

Step 6: Amp and Psu in the Box

I don't even know what I have done in here but just solder the wires between amp and psu don forget the fan

use some zips to collect the wires

Step 7: Finish It

cat 4 more paces to close the box the top side I use 3mm wood screws and hot glue because u never know when your going to open it and for the bottom make the hole for the subwoofer using the saw secure the sub with the screws also use hot glue to cover the holes sandpaper give a nice look the bottom site whose secure with nails because u can put your hand from the sub hole

hope you enjoy it ***sorry for my English isn't very good ****

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Your speaker turned out really beautiful! "I don't even know what I have done in here..." Lol, there is a lot going on in that box! Thank you for sharing!