Successfully Getting a Girl

Introduction: Successfully Getting a Girl

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If you have trouble getting girls or wonder what is the quick and easiest way to do so, just follow these next few steps.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Phone Is Fully Charged.

Make sure you have a full battery! If your phone dies, you will not get any numbers!

Step 2: Find "the Move." (Any Social Media Site or Personal Connect)

Check social media or ask friends for events that are going on.

Step 3: Get Extra Fly (Major Key to Impressing a Girl)

You MUST be dressed to impress. You have to have the flyest clothes, hair cut, jewelry, and shoes.

Step 4: Get a Wing Man. (Hopefully Someone Who Knows You Well)

Make sure your wingman knows you well so he can vouch for you in certain situations.

Step 5: Hit the Streets! (Uber Maybe?)

Make sure you are riding in style for sure!

Step 6: Make Yourself Known. (walk Around or Stand Around, Just Make Sure You Are Seen)

Walk around slowly or just stand near a wall if in a party. With a descent crowd, girls are sure to see you.

Step 7: Have a Little Fun. (Do Not Make Any Quick Moves & Enjoy Guy Time.)

If you approach a girl too quickly, you might meet another one later who you want more. There is a chance she might be friends with the one you already approached so act slowly.

Step 8: Eyes Should Start to Follow. (Look for Their Eyes Too)

As you scan for someone who attracts you, make sure they notice you too.

Step 9: Once You Find the Right Eyes, Approach Her! (Game Time!)

Once you find the one you want, make sure she has seen you. The make your move!

Step 10: Get Her Number! (You Might End Up Going to Prom Together ;) )

Compliment her and start up a conversation before jumping straight to the number. Do not forget to brag to your wingman about your success!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Don't forget to make sure that you smell nice. That is always important if you want people to get close to you.