Succulent Tongs (Garden Tweezers)

Introduction: Succulent Tongs (Garden Tweezers)

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This is a short instructable for a simple tool. I have a succulent garden (see:     ) and it needs maintenance and cleaning as well as the main garden. I know you can buy these, but why do that when the ones shown will do the job intended with very low investment in time or money. I needed these to get into my cactus beds and planters, where wind has driven debris, leaves, twigs, etc., into deep recesses and simply had avoided cleaning these problem areas. These tongs solve the problem.

Step 1: Parts Needed

See drawing  to see parts needed and how they go together.

Step 2: Assembly of Tongs

Instructions shown in photos, a very simple process.

Step 3: Put to Use

Now, cleaning of beds and planters is easily accomplshed while avoiding those dreaded spines!

Step 4: Paint, Decorate Tongs

Not necessary, just an added touch...Pick a color, print out a label and have fun!

Step 5: An Additional Pair

Here a smaller version of tongs or forceps are made. When you can't find your tweezers or forceps, slap a few sticks of wood together and end the frustration!  Good for use if non-metallic forceps, as in electrical work, perhaps, are needed.

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