Suction Cup Headphone Desk Mount

Introduction: Suction Cup Headphone Desk Mount

Any Gamer or Headphone user would know the annoyance of putting your headphones somewhere when not in use. Using a simple trick, you can hang your headphones out of the way off your desk without leaving them on your floor, put in a drawer, or toss on your bed.

Step 1: Suction Cup

Use a small suction cup with a large enough hook to hold your headphones. Find the largest flat and smooth surface to attach your Suction cup to. On my new desk, that was the metal desk legs along the side, which is the most convenient spot out of the way but still accessible from my chair. Wet the Suction cup, and place down as hard as possible, making sure to remove all air you can. Pull back to finish the suction, and you've completed the connection!

Step 2: Headphone Hanging

Use it to hang your headphones and avoid throwing the on the floor, or allowing them to tangle. This is perfect for many desk or walls, and allows you to easily move around if you move desk positions or find a better spot to hang your headphones. No need to take space like desktop headphones mounts do, no need to be complicated. Enjoy!

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