Suede Drawstring Bag




Introduction: Suede Drawstring Bag

IN this instructable you will learn how to make this suede leather bag

With just a few basic tools.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Ruler

2. Rotary punch

3. Sharp scissors (really sharp scissors work best)

4. leather stitching needle or large sewing needle

5. Marker

6. Binder clips (at least 25)

7. Single sheet of pre-cut 8 ½ x 11 suede trim (available at your local craft store)

8. Hemp cord

9. Suede lace

Step 2: Folding the Sheet and Drawing a Guide Line

Fold the sheet in half so it measures about 11 inches long and 5 ½ inches wide.

IF your sheet has defects on one side like mine does fold it with the defect side facing out

then align the corners and edges.

If your sheet was cut with an uneven edge align the edges and corners that do line up

and clamp the aligned edge with binder clips and trim the uneven edge wit a pair of scissors

then remove the binder clips.

Once you have everything lined up with the long crease side facing toward you use a ruler to measure

1/8 of an inch from the edge of the long open side and draw a short line or a dot with a marker spaced

about 2 or three inches apart along the edge repeat this on the short side on the left, then line your ruler

up with the marks you just made and draw a line on both edges as referenced in the last two photos.

Step 3: Clamp All Open Sides

Make sure all three open edges are in line then clamp along each of the three edges with binder clips.

Step 4: Punching the Holes

In this step a rotary punches used

To make the stitching holes

Before you begin the step

Make sure you use the appropriate size punching die

On the rotary punch The needle that you will be stitching with

Should easily pass through the punch

Once you have set the appropriate size die

You may begin punching holes on the creases side

Directly on the guideline You drew earlier continue to punch along the

Guideline maintaining a quarter inch distance between each hole this can be a bit tedious and time-consuming but because the workpieces clamp with binder clips

You don't have to be exactly accurate with The spacing just try to maintain

As close to a quarter inch spacing as you can this way your stitches will be uniform

Once you reach the edge of a binder clip move it over to a portion of the workpiece you have already punched you need to be sure to replace the binder clips that you remove

To maintain edge alignment on both sides continue this process on both guidelines

Step 5: Stitching

In this step The binder clips are removed and the bag is stitched

Remove all the binder clips and unfold the sheet of leather

Measure out 54 inches IE. 4 1/2 feet of hemp cord and threaded through your needle

Tie One Knot leaving 3 inches of loose hemp cord as the photo shows

Then tie a second knot

Fold The leather sheet in half again

And push your needle and hemp cord

Through the first hole you made in the crease side

Continue stitching until you reach the end of the guideline

Once you reach the last hole on the edge you started stitching on

Push the needle through the first hole on the unstitched side

Then push the needle through your last stitch and then go back through the first

Hole on the unstitched side this will create a lock stitch continue stitching The unstitched side

Until you reach the end were you will do the same lock-stitch but this time you will do it twice

And trim the excess hemp cord completing your stitching

Step 6: Inside Out

As the name of the step suggests you simply turn the bag inside out

You may push the corners out with your hand or use the end of your punch

Step 7: The Drawstring

Before beginning this step you Will need to make sure that your leather cord

Will pass through the holes that you be punching in the top of the bag push the leather cord

Into the dies of your rotary punch to find out which one will work best

Once you have selected the appropriate die evenly space three binder clips at the top of the bag

Punch a hole at each end of the binder clips

Measure out about 15 inches of leather cord

And weave it through each hole trim the ends down to A desired length

And tie a knot in each end

Step 8: Enjoy Your Bag

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    8 months ago on Step 4

    I believe you may have a typo here.
    "You may begin punching holes on the *creases* side."


    3 years ago

    This looks really good :) A friend of mine really needs a dice bag so we could make this!

    Josh RH
    Josh RH

    3 years ago

    sorry about the punctuation and grammar

    did all the work for the leather contest months ago

    I have been very busy with work so all the writing

    this project was done in the pages app on my phone

    the voice type function