Sugar Free Cheesecake




Like Cheesecake? Can't have sugar? then try this one. This Recipe was made for my wife and friends who are diabetic and really like my cheesecakes

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Step 1: The Ingredients

Splenda Cheescake


2 tablespoons Splenda sugar subsitute
2-3 tablespoons melted butter
1.5 cups graham cracker crumbs
Optional - cinnamon. I sometimes add this to the crust for a background flavor


1 pound cream cheese, softened
1 cup Splenda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 eggs
2 cups sour cream

Step 2: The Oven

Preheat oven to 375*

Step 3: The Crust

In a small bowl combine Splenda, butter, and graham cracker crumbs. Use a fork or your fingers to mix ingredients together and sprinkle evenly over the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan and press the crumbs down lightly. Place into pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.

Step 4: The Filling

In a medium bowl (or mixer bowl) put cream cheese, Splenda, and vanilla. Beat until it's fluffy and free of lumps. Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing until they just combine, add sour cream and mix until smooth. At this point you can add in any other ingredients (ie. Nuts, chocolate chips, etc...)

Step 5: The Cooking

Pour the batter into the springform pan with the prepared crust, place in pre-heated oven for 30-35 minutes. Refrigerate overnite before serving.

This cheescake will keep well in the freezer for about a month.

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    46 Discussions


    2 months ago on Introduction

    65 grams carbs and 26 grams of sugar per cup of graham crackers. Not sugar free or diabetic friendly at all.


    3 years ago

    dede103 below posted asking for nutritional info saying:

    "Do you have any nutrition facts for this recipe such as carbohydrates,
    fats, sodium, protein etc.? "

    Here is the Nutrition Analysis for the above ingredients using Now You're Cooking! version 5.94 (available at: which uses the FDA nutritional info for 1/12 of the cheesecake:

    NYC Nutrition Analysis (per serving or yield unit):
    water=65.51 g; calories=384.6; protein=9.24 g; total fat=18.38 g; saturated fat=9.44 g; monounsaturated fat=5.11 g; polyunsaturated fat=2.38 g; trans fat=0.02 g; cholesterol=87.6 mg; carbohydrate=47.36 g; dietary fiber=1.35 g; total sugars=25.61 g; alcohol=0.12 g; ash=1.76 g; calcium=147.1 mg; phosphorus=170.6 mg; iron=1.48 mg; sodium=316.4 mg; potassium=246.6 mg; magnesium=21.06 mg; zinc=0.78 mg; copper=0.08 mg; manganese=0.42 mg; vitamin A=534 IU; vitamin E=0.93 mg AT; thiamin=0.11 mg; riboflavin=0.31 mg; niacin=1.41 mg; pantothenic acid=0.64 mg; vitamin B6=0.09 mg; folate=59.37 ug DFE; vitamin B12=0.58 ug; vitamin C=0.37 mg; selenium=8.81 ug; vitamin K=5.4 ug; refuse=1.05%; blocks carb:prot:fat=5.1 : 1.3 : 6.1; ECC=46.; %cal as carb:prot:fat=48:9:42; DietPoints=10.6
    (complete analysis)

    2 replies

    Reply 9 months ago

    If that's the case them this has half of my son's allowable carbs for supper and twice his allowable sisters!


    Question 9 months ago on Introduction

    Does it have to be a springform pan? What would i need to change if i used a pyrex pie pan or even an 8 or 9 inch metal cake pan?


    10 months ago

    I received a lot of compliment! Thank you for sharing this recipe! I also added dark chocolate chips to give a little more flavor.


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    I have two questions. Could I use Stevia instead of Splenda? Can I use a premade graham cracker crust instead of making my own?

    1 answer

    Reply 1 year ago

    I’m not sure of the ratio of stevia for sugar, so the best I could say is try it and let us know. You could use the premade crust but I prefer making my own


    1 year ago

    graham crackers have sugar, so it is not a sugar free dessert apt to diabetics!!!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have any nutrition facts for this recipe such as carbohydrates, fats, sodium, protein etc.? I made it and everyone said it was very good. A lot lighter then the one I have been making.

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know about all the ingredients, but plain ghraham crackers have 24 carbs per serving.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I have tried making the crust with ground up almond flour, but it would require some adjusting. It has been a long time since I've tried this. First time came out well, second time (a lot later) did not. I'm wondering about a combination of graham crackers with the ground up almonds could work?


    2 years ago

    made first one using Xyla instead of Splenda excellent.

    Making a second one today with Splenda. They looks the same however baking at 375* I added 10 extra minutes to bake time for each. Did anyone else have to make this adjustment.


    3 years ago

    Make sure not to over mix this because it will cause it to crack..


    5 years ago on Introduction

    you can also use crushed sugar free cookies as a crust. I've used sugar free shortbread it made a wonderful crust.