Sugar Skull Cake



How to make a sugar skull cake

Step 1: Use the Colored Gum Paste to Form Roses

Flatten the gum paste into small discs then roll and layer them into a rose shape

Step 2: Roll and Flatten Fondant

Step 3: Crumble a Cake and Mush in Frosting and Butterscotch

You may use any kind of frosting and can substitute the butterscotch for the flavor of your choice

Step 4: Form a Ball With the Dough-like Mix

Begin forming a skull shape with the dough-like mix

Step 5: Frost the Skull

Step 6: Cover the Frosted Skull With Fondant

Add frosting to the bottom of the skull and fold some of the excess fondant over to cover the bottom

Step 7: Stick the Gum Paste Roses in the Eye Sockets Using Edible Glue

I recommend adding the roses before coloring the eye sockets.

You may even try sticking the roses in with toothpicks or lollipop sticks.

Step 8: Decorate With Edible Markers and Icing Color

Step 9: Et Voilà!



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