Sugar Skull Cake




Introduction: Sugar Skull Cake

Delicious, terrifying Sugar Skull cake!

Step 1: Baking Tin

Finding a great baking tin like this skull one, from my local supermarket, gets you off to a great start, with shape and detail.
If you can't find this kind of tin, use a square or round tin, and trim the cake down to an oval after baking.
Mix up a sponge/ cake recipe, I always prefer a chocolate cake, so have the cocoa on hand, and bake.

Step 2: Get Down to Decoarting

Once your lovely cake has cooled down, get all your decorating bits and bobs together.
I used some chocolate chips, silver balls, buttons, maltesers and small tubes of coloured icing, the brighter, the better!
To get a white background, I poured over a mix of icing sugar and water, then set to work on creating the sugar skull design. There really are no rules or steps for this bit, just let your imagination run wild...

Step 3: Ready to Devour

...and voila, your finished, ghoulish creation! Devour with gusto!



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