Sugar Spice and Everything Nice Coffee

Introduction: Sugar Spice and Everything Nice Coffee

When you wake up on a cold valentine morning or just need to spice up the beginning of your day this coffee will do the trick. It has cinnamon sugar, caramel, a hint of cocoa, and the caffein that every one craves in the morning coffee and it only takes five minutes to make the mix and have it all ready to go. It's good for the mornings or to make the mix to give as a gift to teachers, loved ones, and anyone else who loves good coffee.

you will need for the mix
1/3 tbsp of sugar
1/3 tsp of cinnamon
1 tbsp of cocoa powder
3 tbsp of instant coffee
3 pinches of sea salt ( brings out the flavor of the next ingredient)

take these ingredients and mix them together until the form an even mixture and you can store it until you need it or for on the go just add it to hot water and your ready to go then just add your caramel sauce and stir and your done unless you want to garnish it with some heart marshmallows.

For the drink after mixed you need
two squirts of caramel sauce ( a squirt is your preferance)
and some heart marshmallows ... if it's for someone else 

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