Car PDA Mount From Sugar Free Altoids Tin (inside Aluminum Case)





Introduction: Car PDA Mount From Sugar Free Altoids Tin (inside Aluminum Case)

This is my first Instructable, so bare with me a little, the main idea was to use my Pocket PC in the car, and mount it in its Aluminum case without having to take out of the case

Items needed.
1- PDA- (mine -Dell Axim x50V)
2- Rhino.Skin Case, or any other with removable belt clip and screw
3- Small Computer Case Screw.
4- Flat Head Phillips bolt(no too big, not too long) Washer and nut
5- Small angle steel bracket, with one hole in one end for the bolt and two small holes on the other side to secure it to the car.
6- Sugar free Altoids tin SMALL. The reason for picking this one, the cover slides in and out so it brings the support needed to hold the PDA on is case.

Step 1: The Tin

Take apart the Sugar Free Altoids, give yourself the idea of were the holes need to be made. In my case I selected the small round white/blue ring with the square A to make the hole that will be secured.

Make Sure the bolt fits in properly, this piece needs to be attached to the bracket.

Step 2: The Car

Find the best place for the metal bracket, I saw this idea over the net, the result is a reversible mount, with no visible marks, so be careful, DON'T SCRATCH YOUR DASH!

Safety First, make sure you wont cut, pierce or damage any component from your car.

As you can see the small screws are hidden inside the cover once in place.

You can bent the bracket so it has the appropriate angle for the case to stay open.

Step 3: The Case Atachement

Carefully drill a hole on the tin so the screw fits, you can use the one that came with your belt clip if is long enough, or in my case a computer case screw that fits in the hole of the aluminum case on the back side.

I had to "shape/deform" the inside of the tin, my Rhino had a bump.

Be Careful not to break the inside "nut"?, Do not tight the screw to hard.

You can also use Double adhesive, remember the idea is to make it reversible, or use the clip when not in the car.

Step 4: Slide In

Now you are all your configuration, check the screws and slide in your PDA on its case.

Make sure there is a small angle so the case stays open.

Pura Vida!!!




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    9 Discussions

    Hi , google for "Axim x50v linux" , there is plenty info around there. Have not done it my self. Be aware you may brick your PDA. Best of luck!!

    Nicely done. Thats a Tracker ain't it? I have to ask, is that Windows Mobile 6 or 5 on your X50v? I had WM5 on mine and it ran horrible, I got it back down to 2003SE and it runs a ton better now.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comments. Is WM2003 with weather plugins (SBP Traveler) and some player app (removed), the gadget is rock solid on WM2003!

    Thanks for your comments beantown53, I thought about this too, the only thing to consider is that the slimier plate-lid does not have the strength of the box, so the tin could be deformed, haven't put it into practice, it is just a guess. I will try it soon and post the results. Thanks you!

    Thanks bootdsc....I guess it was a spark of genius or a "aint gonna pay 40 bucks for that" moment. The ride is a 1989, stock engine with 2" lift and 30"s...runs great but need the works...

    Very nice work, when I red the title I figured it would just be another ipod in an altoids can instructable but this is really sweet. you also happen to have, one of the best micro trucks ever made...mine has a 2" lift with sliders and 31" mud/snow tires.