Sugar Paste Teddy Bears Tutorial




Introduction: Sugar Paste Teddy Bears Tutorial

Teddy tutorial

Ideal for ‘Welcome to the world’ cakes, christenings and pre-school birthdays.

These are one of the easiest teddy designs I make. I will do tutorials on more complicated designs or translating this design into cuddly lions, polar bears, cats. dogs, pooh bear etc soon.

You could also make these in polymer clay for a more permanent decoration.

You will need:

Tools- Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight-edged modelling tool, ‘ball’ modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking).

Materials- peach and white sugar paste (or whatever colour you want your ted’s to be!) and black royal icing.

I don’t usually make free-standing figures, I would normally secure them onto the cake. but since I was asked to make this I thought I’d make a tutorial of it. The same method could be used to make them straight on to the cake.

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Step 1: Body

Roll a large ball of peach sugar paste, roll into a pear shape.

Step 2: Second Teddy Body

Roll a pear shape of white, sit them ‘back-to-back’.

Step 3: Legs

Roll a large sausage of peach, flatten each end and turn it up into a foot, cut in half.

Step 4: Feet

Roll 2 small balls of white, stick to the centre of each sole.

Step 5: Toes

Attach the legs to either side of the body. Mark toes with your modelling tool.

Step 6: Attach Legs

Repeat in white with peach feet. Mark a vertical line down their tummies with your modelling tool.

Step 7: Arms

Roll a large sausage of peach, flatten each end, cut in half.

Step 8: Hands and Wrists

Mark a thumb and an elbow in each.

Step 9: Attach Arms

Add arms onto body, repeat in white.

Step 10: Heads

Roll a small peach pear shape (about 1/3 the size of the body), repeat in white.

Step 11: Ears

Roll 2 small peach balls, attach to the sides of the head, mark the
insides with a ball tool or straight modelling tool. Repeat in white.

Step 12: Inside Ears

Roll 2 small peach balls and 2 white. Flatten into the ear holes of the
opposite coloured head. Mark the insides with the tool again.

Step 13: Muzzle

Roll a small ball of white, flatten and attach to face. Mark a vertical line with your modelling tool. Repeat in peach.

Step 14: Eyes

Pipe on little balls for eyes.

Step 15: Noses

Pipe on noses (I chose heart shapes but ovals and balls are also good!).

Step 16: Finished!

Match with bricks, balls etc for a nursery theme.

Have fun!

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    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    5 years ago

    I made the teddys. Yummy!! Mine did not look half as good as urs though.:)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh! Pic's please! What do you think didn't work? Feedback would be awesome, I'm new to tutorials :D

    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    5 years ago

    Cute with a capital C!!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Those are so cute I could not BEAR to eat them.