Sugarless Wild Grape Jelly

Introduction: Sugarless Wild Grape Jelly

Wild grapes are smaller and more tart than domestic grapes however they are full of flavour. I like my projects simple and this is very simple, this recipe will work with any fruit and as in all my recipes I used artificial sweetener You can make a day with the family going out to the country picking the fruit and making the jelly.

Wild grapes are a cheap source for organically grown grapes; I can never trust store bought produce to be 100% organic. My wife and my son are diabetic, unsweetened deserts are hard to find as well as expensive so I make organic treats for my family.

3 cups wild grapes
3 cups water
2 cups artificial sweetener
2 packets gelatine

1 ladle
1 large spoon
1 medium sieve
1 1 litre pot
1 mixing bowl
Pan or pot to sterilise bottles

Step 1: Before You Start

Collect together everything you need before you start, this is very important you do not want the jelly to set before you have the chance to bottle it.

Step 2: Bottle Sterilising

Sterilise the bottles this is done by placing the bottles, lids, and seals in a pot or pan of water and boiling for a few minutes.

When the bottles are sterilised put them aside and start to make your jelly.

Step 3: Making Grape Juice

Place the three cups of grapes in a pot with three cups of water. Crush the grapes with a spoon and heat, simmer for thirty minutes.

Step 4: Separating Seeds, Stems, and Skin

Pore the cooked grape juice into the mixing bowel through the sieve to separate seeds, stems, and skin.

Step 5: Adding Ingredients

Add the two cups artificial sweetener and the two packets gelatine to the grape juice.

Step 6: Bottling

Mix thoroughly, bottle, and let set.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    those look more like elderberries than grapes

    Josehf Murchison
    Josehf Murchison

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The grapes can look a lot like Elderberries but when you look at the vine they grow on they are clearly wild grapes. The vine looks like any other grape vine just
    they have small grapes.



    7 years ago on Step 6

    Is this a tart jelly or sweet jelly?