Sugru Bike Stamp



I wanted to make a stamp using Sugru, so I did!

IMPORTANT: if you want words, you'll nee to make them in a mirror image.
Consider drawing your design on the wood and placing the sugru over it.

1. Roll sugru into a 'snake' of desired width. It needs to be sufficiently thick to keep the paint and paper away from the wood. (1/8in minimum)
2. Place it on a firm portable surface (like a wood block) in the design of your choice. Using tweezers will be helpful.
3. After you place it all as you want, put a piece of plastic wrap over it all, and press it down slightly with another flat object. Use firm pressure- you want the surface of the stamp to be even.  Then, CAREFULLY peel off the plastic, making sure you aren't taking any Sugru with you.
4. After  the sugru cures, check to see if any parts are loose, and reattach with a strong glue.

To print, use a roller to coat the surfaces evenly, or just use a paintbrush to apply the paint.

For best results, keep the block on the table, and put paper on TOP of it, then rub the paper gently onto the painted stamp. Slowly and carefully peel it back.

Ta da!

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