Sugru Cat Toy



Introduction: Sugru Cat Toy

I made this cat toy out of Sugru at Swansea Hackspace's Sugru build night.

Step 1: Get Some Strong Thread or a Long Piece of Wire

I didn't have any strong thread with me, so I untwisted a piece of wire inside an old network cable. Make make sure you thread/wire is more than 1m/3ft in length.

Step 2: Open You Sugru

The more colours of Sugru you use, the more colourful the cat toy!

Step 3: Roll in Strips and Place Next to Each Other

Take each pack of Sugru, roll it into a strip about as thick as a pencil, and place them next to each other.

Step 4: Roll Into a Ball

Roll the Sugru into a colourful ball using the palms of your hands.

Step 5: Bundle Up the One End of the Wire/thread..

Take your wire/thread and bundle up a bit at the end.

Step 6: .. and Fold Into Ball.

Fold the bundled wire/thread into the ball.

Step 7: Roll One Pack of Sugru Into Small Strips

Roll one pack of Sugru into five small strips about 2cm/0.5in long.

Step 8: Push Onto Ball and You're Done!

Push the black strips onto the colourful ball and form them into spikes. Let the Sugru cure overnight and you have a new toy for your cat!

Step 9: Louis Seems to Be Enjoying Her New Toy

According to the Sugru website, small amounts of ingested Sugru is not harmful. I doubt your cat will start chewing on it, but for safety I keep it out of our cat's reach when we're not actively playing with the toy.

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