Sugru Decorative Thumb Tack




I find the thumb tacks can be painful on your thumbs when pushing them into a wall or other object. So why not make the thumb tack head larger so more area is distributed across your thumb reducing the pain.

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Step 1: Mix the Sugru

This is where you can get creative. I mixed two Sugru colors together – in this example it was red and yellow.  Roll the Sugru into a ball

Step 2: Sugru Tumb Tack

Press the thumb tack head into the ball until it pillows around the head and  Wha-la – new and improved thumb tack.

Step 3: Sugru Flower Pin

Or make a decorative thumb take head, like a flower.  Start off with the first 4 steps and then add pedals. This one I just made 7 ‘snakes’ or ‘rolls’ of Sugru and attached them to the Sugru on the head

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