Sugru Ethernet RJ45 Plug Protector




Introduction: Sugru Ethernet RJ45 Plug Protector

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As you know, the locking tab of RJ45 network plugs breaks very easily. Protect it from breaking, with some Sugru. Prevention is even better than repairing a broken plug.

Then, when you pull the cable through a cables salad, the tab will not get hung to eventually break.

One 5g pack of Sugru will make approx 8 plugs.

Step 1: What You Need

In addition to the plug to be improved:
  • Sugru pack (5g, approx 8 plugs)
  • One toothpick (or a nail, a swiss army knife, ... or anything similar)
(In the next steps I will use a vise. It is really not mandatory.)

Step 2: Form and Place a Sugru Ball

Form a ball of the size of a big pea. Knead it for at least 30 seconds. Roll it.

Place it on the plug as shown.

Step 3: Stick It and Form It

Form it as shown to increase the contact surface with the plug.

Cover the tab by 1 millimeter. (Covering the tab more than necessary will make the plug difficult to release.)

Step 4: Press the Tab

Press slowly but firmly.

Step 5: Release the Tab

Unstick the tab, using the toothpick.

Press and release repeatedly, until the tab moves freely into its hole.

Step 6: Done

Let cure for 24 hours.



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    6 Discussions

    Nice advice. Unfortunately the releases still tend to break after some month if you plug and unplug the cable once or twice a day. It would be great if there is a solution for this.

    Nice Instructable! You really are right; prevention rather than repairation.