Sugru Flash Drive Fix

Introduction: Sugru Flash Drive Fix

I used Sugru to fix my broken flash drive. The back portion that connects to the motherboard fell off, it was about an inch. I built a new back portion/handle to the flash drive. I will explain what I did in the next steps...

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Step 1: Sugru Flash Drive Fix Step 1

For the first step I got the flash drive out and the Sugru. There was still a bit of the casing on, and at a certain level. I then molded the black Sugru (to match the pre-existing colors) into a rectangle and attached it onto the back.

Step 2: Sugru Flash Drive Fix Step 2

After it was attached to the back I started leveling it out. Since it was about only an inch I had to cover, plus the pre-existing amount of casing (that was about a couple millimeters high) I had a lot of left over, so I went ahead and covered the sides as well. I then just about finished by covering about 75% percent of the back. I didn't have enough black left over, so I improvised and used some red, which I will be talking about in step 2...

Step 3: Sugru Flash Drive Fix Step 3

Like I said I ran out of black sugru so I went ahead and used some red. I created a rectangle of red and put it in the empty area. I then created a small strip of red and took it over the top (which was the pre-existing case left over) and the continued the strip on the other side(over the black I had there) just to create an interesting design. I will finish it off in the next step...

Step 4: Sugru Flash Drive Fix Step 4

After I finished the main case, I went ahead and tried to add some interesting designs. I took my pencil eraser cap, which had a sort of 'ying, yang' appearance to it. I then stamped the Sugru, which of course has yet to harden. I stamped, in not any particular order around the case. Then to finish it off I used my pencil tip to create a a line in the middle of the red strip all the way around of the case.

Step 5: Flash Drive Fix Conclusion

After it hardened I checked it out and it works fine, better then it did with the normal casing even. It was the first then I created with Sugru and I only had a limited amount to use... So it won't be as fancy as fixing a broken airplane wing in the middle of Alaska or something.

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