Sugru Hacked Headphones




Introduction: Sugru Hacked Headphones

How do you keep your ear-bug headphones from falling out? Why not hack them with some Sugru and make them wrap-around. 

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Step 1 - Base

We used paper clips as a base for the Sugru, to keep the shape consistent while working it. It also makes the end product a little stiffer. Unfold them to make them straight, then mold them to the shape you want your wrap around ear pieces to be. 

Step 3: Step 2 - Mold

Cut open your Sugru packet, divide the Sugru into 2 equal parts. 
Cover your paper-clip forms roughly with Sugru. 
Attach the wrap around portions while wearing your headphones to ensure they fit. 

Step 4: Step 3 - Texture

Step 5: Finished!



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    14 Discussions

    Sounds great! Do they stick to the headphones permanately or come off and reatach? :)

    Put a tiny loop at each end of the paper clip to keep them from pushing out of the Sugru as you flex and bend the final piece.

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    This is soooo cool! You could also do this with model magic which you can buy at Michael's. Another advantage to using model magic is that you can use a marker to color it and then knead it around in your hands to create a more solid color.

    Perfect for when my 6-year old wants to watch cartoons on my phone in the grocery store...The ear-buds always fall out of her ears!!!

    Thanks...this is great. Have already checked out the Sugru site. Looks like awesome stuff.

    That is awesome! My favorite earbuds don't come in over the ear hook style & I hate it when I accidentally pull them out while doing other things. I also don't like to keep my earbuds all the way in my ears, even with smallest cushions my ears start hurting. So this sounds like a really good solution all around for me! Thanks!

    they make these as a retail product. However, i commend you for adapting your existing earbuds for two reasons: one, you made it. two, if those earbuds have remote controls or microphones or whatever else, it is nice to be able to use them and have the earbuds still work for you.

    great work!

    They do for me yes, and if the ear buds fall out, they still stay on my ears, which is great if you're moving around a lot.