Sugru-Magnetic Boogie Board

Introduction: Sugru-Magnetic Boogie Board

This Instructable details how to use Sugru to add padded, magnetic feet to a Boogie Board LCD tablet.  The Boogie Board is a great way to jot down temporary notes like to-do or grocery lists.  It works well on a refrigerator, except there's no built-in method for sticking it to a fridge (Improv Electronics, the makers of the Boogie Board, sell a magnetic strip mountin kit, but I wanted something a little different).

While I used a Boogie Board, really any writing/drawing board could be used.

For this Instructable, you will need:

* A Boogie Board tablet or any similar drawing surface (white board, chalk board, etc.)
* 1 5g packet of Sugru air-curing moldable silicone
* 4 small magnets (I used a few 1cm diameter neodymium magnets from the "Curiously Strong Magnet" set sold at

Step 1: Notes About Sugru

Sugru is a new type of moldable material that cures in about 24-hours to a tough, flexible silicone.   It's dishwasher safe, heat resistant and waterproof.  

Sugru will stick to most materials including metal, glass, plastic and wood.   There are some types of plastic (such as plastic wrap) that Sugru will not adhere to, so these materials can be ideal for preventing Sugru from sticking to things you don't want it to stick to.

Since Sugru begins to cure when exposed to air, it is important to only open a packet of Sugru if you have a plan to use all of it.  That is why Sugru is packaged in 5g sachets.

As luck would have it, one 5g packet worked perfectly for this Instructable.

Step 2: The Magnets

Before continuing, you should pick a magnet that's right for this job.   The magnets I used are quite small, about 1cm wide and 1 to 1.5mm thick.  Neodymium magnets are exceptionally strong, so these were more than enough to hold up a lightweight Boogie Board.  If you use a different type of board, experiment with different sized magnets to be sure they will hold the weight.

To test, you can tape the magnets to be back of your board.  If the board slips after a few minutes, you'll need stronger (bigger) magnets.

The "Curiously Strong Magnets" set contains a wide variety of sizes and shapes of magnets, so if you have these on hand, you'll be all set.

Step 3: Wrapping the Magnet

Open a 5g sachet of Sugru, and knead the material for a few seconds.

Separate the Sugru into four equal portions

Flatten out a piece of Sugru and lay one of the magents in the center, then fold the Sugru over the magnet until it surrounds the magnet completely.

Step 4: All Done!

After the Sugru cures, the board is ready to mount.

Wrapping the magents in Sugru serves a couple of important functions:

- Neodymium magnets are very fragile; the Sugru will protect them if you happen to drop your board.
- Bare magnets can scratch an enameled steel surface like a refrigerator door.  The Sugru will prevent the magents from damaging any surface they're attracted to.

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    7 years ago

    Do you know if you can get sugru at michaels?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Not that I know of. But you can order it from