Sugru Pistol Grip

I recently added a Kel Tec PF9 to my small collection of guns. The PF9 is one of the smallest, lightest and thinnest of the 9mm on the market. I’ve shot some guns in my life, but never had one with the snap as this one. What makes it worse is the fact that I can only get two fingers on the grip.

That’s were Sugru comes in. It looked like the perfect thing to give me a better hold on this little pistol. By using the Sugru to mold the grip right to my hand. I didn’t want to make this permanent so I used a bicycle inner tube to cover the grip. This is a common fix for a better grip, but we can do one better with Sugru.

Safety First… Make sure that the pistol is unloaded and the magazine is out.

More on Firearm Safety >>>>

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Step 1: Step 1

3-4 packs of Sugru
Bicycle inner tube (I used 20”x1.75”-2.15”)
Degreaser (alcohol)

Step 2: Step 2

Cut a piece of inner tube long enough to cover the grip of your pistol. Turn it inside out and stretch it on (this will put the casting marks on the inside). Use a sharp knife to trim around the magazine release and magazine well, then around the web of the upper grip. Use the alcohol to clean the mystery powder off the tube.

Step 3: Step 3

Time to get ready. I used 4 tubes of Sugru but I think I could have got a way with 3. It is a little thicker then I wanted, but it fits great. Open all the packs and roll into a ball to mix together. Now your working against the clock. I found that Sugru is very soft and easy to mold. At this point you want to ruff in the grip and put a nice even layer over the inner tube.

Step 4: Step 4

Wet your fingers and start to smooth out all the finger prints. Now wet your whole hand grip the pistol in your natural way. It may help to point it at something in the distance. Gently squeeze to get a good imprint of your fingers and palm area. Once you have a good imprint, wet you fingers again and smooth everything out.

  // or  // You can check on the Sugru web site for ideas on textures if you want,. Also on YouTube...   <<<

Step 5: Step 5

 Let dry for 24 hours.

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    This is great! When I saw the sugru contest this is the only thing I could think of to make. My wife has a pistol and grips for it are made of pure unobtanium.

    The only thing that stopped me from making sugru grips for her gun was the worry that the sugru would fail from the stress of constantly removing it from the gun. (Must be removed to clean the gun.)

    Enjoy your PF9! Did this grip help?

    4 replies

    I don't plan on removing them when I clean, it's cast pretty tight. It should hold up to the solvents, as I can keep it away from the grip. I think that when I do take it off it will need to be cut off. When I do, I will cover them the same way. For the price why not?

    Love the fit on this gun. It helped a great deal on the recoil and with point and shoot. I have started to carry the PF9 more then my new SR9c. (CPL holder)

    My thought of sugru grips was for my wife's Ruger Mk III. That is the gun that I know she would like even more if it was comfortable in her hand. Unfortunately the take-down lever is on the backstrap of the grip, and removing and re-covering it with sugru would be an expensive weekly chore.

    Her CCW gun is another Ruger - the LCP. Fraternal twin to your Keltec. It is OK for her hand, but in my hand I see the same issues you have with your gun. When I hold it I have a surplus of free fingers. When I fire it I have to readjust for each shot. The recoil almost wrests the gun from my hand. I have to resist the temptation to hold more of the gun with my non-dominant hand.

    If it were my piece, I would certainly consider molding sugru to it, just so that from one shot to the next I could keep from adjusting my hand grip.

    Again: well done! This is showing me that I can take sugru a little more seriously. Good luck with the contest.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If your Mark III is anything like my 22/45 Light it need more than grips. First mine needs a trigger my 40 year old Mark one that's had a very long very hard neglected life beats it all to pieces. Also there are lot of sharp edges on the polymer that should have never left the factory. A new trigger will fix that and clip safety and it easy to get the slide to drop free making it lot nicer to shoot.

    Don't get me wrong the 22/45 is great gun but like most its not quite finished at the factory.

    The Ruger Mark III's grips are just simple scales that screw on the sides. You can buy a spare set for 10 bucks and shipping

    Just make the grips so you only have to take off one to to clean the gun. I would use Allen head screws so the slots didn't get buggered up. A seam in the grip shouldn't bother on .22.


    I know what your saying about the Ruger MKIII I have a standard model (pre MK1). Not going to work on that one.

    I also carry a LCP w/ CT laser on my boot at all times. I put a Handall Jr. grip on that one (up side down fit my hand better)

    If you don't know about it, there's a good site for the LCP


    9 years ago on Step 5

    Great idea!
    But haven't you molded it to your fingers when you are holding it the way shown in the picture and not in a way that you can pull the trigger? or does it work like that as well?

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You.
    Works that way as well.. I didn't put my trigger finger in on the picture. I(n the last pic. my middle fingers will fall right into the impressions, just had a hard time holding it and taking the picture.


    9 years ago on Step 5

    You should NEVER touch the trigger with your finger unless you intend to fire the weapon, even if it is unloaded. Instead, you should extend your finger above the trigger guard as though you were pointing.

    1 reply

    That is under stood. I took the picture to answer a question about the grip fitting in a shooting position. Yes you should NEVER put your finger in the trigger as stated (trust me, I was in a controlled environment)