Sugru Razor Holder

Introduction: Sugru Razor Holder

Making a Razor holder using one Sachet of Sugru.

Step 1:

Using one whole sachet of Sugru. Roll the Sugru into a ball.

Step 2:

Cut the ball in half, then roll the one half into a ball and put the other half aside. Then take the ball and half it equally into two medium tube like shapes.

Step 3:

Take the two tubes and curve them as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Take the two curved tubes and place on the wall where you want the razor to be placed. Press the one side of the tube against the wall and bend the other half upwards slightly and towards an outward angle from the center of the two tubes, as you can see for the pictures above.

Step 5:

Place your razor onto the two tubes and make the necessary adjustments depending on the style and size of your razor. Once the correct adjustments have been made, remove the razor and allow the Sugru to set over night. There you go, now you have a Razor holder.

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