Sugru Skateboard Save!




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Intro: Sugru Skateboard Save!

One of our OLYS teens brought a damaged skateboard to our Build Night to see if SUGRU could help. She was very happy with the results!

Step 1: Sugru Skateboard Save!

Do you have a favorite skateboard that needs fixing?

Step 2: Sugru Skateboard Save!

First make sure that your skateboard surface is clean and dirt free.

Step 3: Sugru Skateboard Save!

Start by applying small beads of Sugru on your skateboard.

Step 4: Sugru Skateboard Save!

Smooth out the Sugru making sure sticks and bonds to the surface of the board.

Step 5: Sugru Skateboard Save!

After you have smoothed out the Sugru let it set over night. Then you are ready to ride again!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Sugru to the rescue! I'm glad you were able to save that skateboard. It looks like it was a very close call! :)