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Introduction: Sugru Torch Grip

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Have you always been frustrated that your torch runs away when you put it down on its side? Find it hard to keep hold of it when you go out on long excursions where it's useful?

So did I, which is why when I received a pack of Sugru I went straight to work modding my Maglite.

Step 1: Ingredients

This is a relatively simple project and as such does not require much.

You will Need:
1) A Torch
2) Some Sugru
3) Water and a Tissue
4) Scissors

Optionally you will want:
1) Some Gloves

Step 2: Preparation

If you are using gloves, you will need to crack these out first.

Whilst you can work Sugru without them it makes life a lot easier, your fingers smell less and stops it from staining your skin when you first get it out of the packet as it starts off very gooey.

Then you will want to open your sugru with the pair of scissors and remove it.
For my 3D Maglite I used 2x 5g packs and then I rolled them around until the
it stopped sticking to the gloves. Once you're at this stage clean the torch surface.

Now you're ready to start making things with it.....

Step 3: Moulding

Now the Sugru is ready for moulding to a surface we can begin attaching it to the
torch body.

First you will want to mould your Sugru into a cylinder approximately the width of your
hand and set it aside.

Then you want to  grasp your torch in a comfortable grip that you would usually use to hold it
and when you're happy that this is where you want to add your rubberised grip then open your
fingers to recieve the Sugru. Now all you need to do is squeeze and you will get a relatively
accurate finger grip for your torch.

Step 4: Finishing

The end result should be a nice finger shaped grip on the side of your torch.

You may need to spend some time smoothing out any dimples or lines made
by folds in your gloves but now all you need to is leave it to set.

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    9 years ago on Step 4

    this is very interesting but it could be ab it better and you could put something round the top