Sugru Eyeglass Holder or Anything Hook



I wanted to create a removable hook for my son to put his eyeglasses on when he went to sleep at night.  I like the 3M hooks because they are movable and if we rearange his bedoor the hook can be easily moved.

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Step 1: Pick a Plastic Hook

I started with a 3M Command Bath Hook.

Step 2: Get Creative

Here’s where you need to get creative. My son helped design this since it was going in his bedroom.
In this case I made the hook piece the nose of our eye glass holder. Covered the hook in yellow Sugru. 
Put on some funky orange whiskers for our man mixing yellow and red Sugru.

Step 3: Make the Eyes

 Large orange eyes with blue pupils

Step 4: Add Some Hair

Add some crazy orange hair on top and it is done.

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