Sugru IPod Bracket

Introduction: Sugru IPod Bracket

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I occasionally chat to folk online, whilst making stuff in the shed.

So, I needed a way to prop up my iPod so that I can share my workspace by Google+ Hangout or Skype video call.

Previous attempts had involved piles of tins or tools, and were not very stable.

Then, after making a Hallowe'en project, I found myself with a lump of Sugru going spare, and a length of dowel.

Inspiration struck.

The photos are pretty self-explanatory, although you may not be able to see that the Sugru along the underside of the dowel is ridged, to stop the iPod slipping out so easily.

The stick of bamboo is just there to prop the dowel up until the Sugru cured.

Once the Sugru cured, I removed the bamboo, and the iPod fits in at a very convenient angle for viewing my workspace.

Roll on another build-night.

(NB: Some of these photos were taken with the iPod, hence the unusual angles and graininess.)

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