Sugru Neodymium Repelling Door Buffer

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Sugru has in its catalog a beautiful Magnet Kit. Given that applications of such powerful magnet attraction force are so many, I had wish to find a way to take advantage of its powerful repelling force. All right, maybe this is not the most useful invention I could find... anyway it's the first which came to my mind, and it's quite interesting.

Step 1: The Magnet Kit

In the magnet kit you will find four neodymium cylindrical magnets, you only need two of them for this project. They will become a nice door buffer, maybe for your fridge. I first applied neoprenic glue on both of them, then I realized that the wall surface is not parallel to the open door, so I had to use Sugru to attach the second magnet.
Anyway one of two magnets can be attached with a simple glue, which one is your choice.

Step 2: First Magnet

Measure where to attach the magnets. They have to be exactly one in front of the other, with less than 1 mm of precision. If not the repulsive force will not be at his maximum. Mark the positions on door and wall with a dot, then attack the first magnet.

Step 3: Second Magnet

These Sugru magnets have a little dot on one surface, it reveals the polarity of the magnet. To obtain repulsive force you have to face two identical faces (both with or without dot).
Place some Sugru on the wall (I had to put it on the door frame) then push the second magnet with the right orientation into the Sugru. With your fingers push the Sugru all around the magnet.

Step 4: Check Position

Since you can still move a bit the second magnet, check its position relatively to the first one. Very important is that magnets are coplanar. If not they could came in touch and brake. To check coplanarity open the door and put the magnets close each other, not too much because Sugru is not yet dry. If you have to, move the second magnet to change its position or planarity.

Step 5: Finishing

When you are sure that positions are right you can clean the Sugru surface with a wet sponge, so to smoothing it. Let it dry for one hour then try to open the door. Don't smash it, because if the door is heavy (or you still have a lot of beers on the fridge door) its inertia could easily defeat the magnets repulsion. If that happens you can add a transparent rubber bumber on one magnet, just for safe.

Then you can enjoy explaining to your friends what a magnet is doing on the wall! (the one on the fridge is not so curious)



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    4 years ago

    I have to say that this idea is fridging awesome!! I am in the process of building a tinyhouse and will be using the same size refridgerator as in the pics. And, as luck would have it there is a perpendicular wall next to it so, this is all me............................. thank you for posting this!!


    4 years ago

    awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!! I totally love this idea and feel like an idiot for not thinking of it. hats off to you sir!

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Andrea this is such a clever idea, you have got us all thinking here at sugru! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1 reply

    Nice idea.

    I made a bathroom doorstop with a neodymium magnet fitted into a rubber buffer & a screw countersunk into the bottom corner of the door covered with an elasticised filler, it catches the field about three inches from the buffer & keeps it open, nothing to trip on nothing to lose & works very well.

    1 reply