Sugru Replacement USB Drive Cap




I always seem to lose the caps to my USB thumb drives.  I figured I could use some Sugru to make a new cap.

I didn't want to risk gumming up a USB drive, so I decided to use a USB cable for the mold.

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Step 1: Make Sure the Cap Will Release the Sugru

I didn't want to put a releasing agent on the USB cable unless I had to, but I also didn't want the Sugru to bond to the USB cable. I decided to cut a small part of the Sugru wrapper to use around the USB cable.

In the photo, the  wrapper looks pretty loose, but I was able to get it tightly wrapped around the end of the cable and secured with a small piece of tape.

Step 2: Sugru It!

I molded the Sugru all around the end of the USB cable until I was happy with the shape.  When I was done, I trimmed off a bit of Sugru near the open end of the cap.

Step 3: Let the Sugru Setup

I let the Sugru setup for about an hour before pulling it off the cable.  It released with no problem.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Sugru is like silicone but you get way less for much much more money


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've never heard of Sugru. But I need to make a few iPhone 5 lightning cord caps and this will work great. I need caps for myself, and I can make some for other people too. I could shape the Sugru so I can put a string through it to attach to the cord.



    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love Sugru. But considering that it costs $15, it would be easier and cheaper to just order a USB replacement cap. There are a few companies selling them for just a couple of bucks! Try or L-com.


    6 years ago

    Pretty average DIY. Lack of detail and images. Doesn't really show anything. Sorry, but honesty is what you need.