Sugru Tool for Opening Disk Drives and Pushing Reset Buttons

Introduction: Sugru Tool for Opening Disk Drives and Pushing Reset Buttons

I work on a lot of computers and have straightened lots of paper clips over the years. Usually I I have them in odd places on my workbench or in pen cups. I lose them all the time. My idea is to make a Sugru handle for my handy paper clip tool which will make it easier to find and easier for me to handle. No more fumbling with paperclips.

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Step 1: "The Disk Drive That Won't Open"

I have this disk drive that is old as the dinosaurs. It frequently needs a little help in opening.

Step 2: "The Bent Paper Clip"

I really prefer jumbo paperclips but I did not have one tonight so I will make due with a regular paperclip. Bend the Paper clip so that you will have a support for the Sugru, kinda like a key.

Step 3: "Making the Sugru Cool"

I have black and white Sugru, so why not make a stripped drive tool.  I rolled out the Sugru into roped and put the ropes together.

Step 4: "Applying the Sugru"

I wrapped the Sugru around the paperclip and shaped it to roughly a key shape.

Step 5: " Waiting for It to Dry"

Ok, here is the hard part waiting for it to dry.

Step 6: "Testing the Tool"

Ok test to see if your new Drive/Computer Reset tool works.

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    6 years ago

    What is surgu


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    sugru is a material that feels and acts like play doh but after 24 hours will turn into a rubber