Suicide Brownies





Introduction: Suicide Brownies

About: mommy and awesome wife.

super easy
and extremely yummy

you will need:

12 baking cups
1 pack chocolate chip cookies
1 pack brownies
mini oreos (nutter butter or reeses work also)

prepare the cookie dough and brownie mix like on the packages.

preheat oven to 375

lay out the cups.

add one tablespoon of cookie dough in every cup. place 3 oreos on top of each cup of cookie d.

add brownie mix on top (do not fill all da way to edge of cup, because they will rise during baking.

bake until brownies are done-toothpick comes out clear (about 15-20)



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    what is "a pack of" chocolate chip cookies or brownies? A mix? A refrigerated tube of dough?