Suitcase Drum Kit: How to With Pros & Cons




Showing you how I built mine and some ideas to have in mind when building yours.

The Christmas Lights!: the water is gone the fire has come
Modest Mouse: ocean breathes salty
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Side Note: sorry it is so long, I wanted to cover as much as I could think of at once so there wouldn't be as many questions

Total Cost: About $100 dollars buying everything
Total Time: 1-2 days

14" snare (first act)
8" rack tom (first act)
14" free floating floor tom (first act)
14" sabian B* hi- hats on first act stand ( I cut down the rod that the cymbals go on to save space)
20" yamaha ride on first act stand
pearl vinyl kick pedal
american tourister hardshell suitcase with wheels and original handle remove to reduce buzzing

** a medium sized backpack is recommended to carry around the stands your sticks and your ride (it does not fit in the case) the tom and snare fit inside the case snuggly and a small snare stand could be put in there as well. you will also need to carry the floor tom separately which still means you only have three things to carry instead of 5 or 6 plus stands.**

This is my interpretation of a suitcase drum kit and from what I've seen it actually has more to it than a lot of different models I've seen because it features a rack tom and floor tom. As I mention in the video I also stabilized the top so i could sit on it and have my own kick drum. The only tools I used were a power drill (with either a philips head attachment, a drill bit, or a dremel attachment) and a jigsaw to cut out the hole in the front.



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    4 years ago

    Looks awesome! Does it move about a lot though? It doesn't appear to have any legs to stabilize it?